Saturday Night Funny Video: Exasperated TV Anchors Upset at Missing Bridge Implosion

Another entry in my Saturday night humor postings for NewsBusters, usually drawn from the clips shown at the end of FNC’s Special Report which frequently come from video montages picked up off the late night comedy shows. It was a pretty weak week with some lame offerings, so this week I’m going back into the archives.

Tonight, from November of 2010, a clip of how some morning news anchors reacted with colorful exasperation when they cut away at just the wrong time and so missed a bridge demolition.

The two anchors are Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten, from Chicago’s WGN-TV’s Morning News. This clip, promoted by WGN, got quite a bit of online play last year, but if you didn’t see it then you can check it out now. It is amusing.

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