Fox's Chris Wallace Agrees Obama Diss a 'Badge of Honor'

It's “a badge of honor” that Fox News Sunday is “the only place you won't see Barack Obama on Sunday,” host Chris Wallace proudly proclaimed during a Friday morning radio interview, reported. Wallace's remark aired on the “Grandy & Andy Morning Show” on Washington, DC's WMAL in response to Andy Parks proposing: “Are you wearing the fact that the President won't be on with you on Sunday as a badge of honor?” (Audio: MP3 clip, 11 seconds)

President Obama recorded interviews Friday afternoon with four of the five Sunday interview shows, all but Fox News Sunday: ABC's This Week, CBS's Face the Nation, CNN's State of the Union and NBC's Meet the Press -- plus Univision. Though Fox News Sunday re-runs on the Fox News Channel, it's Fox's only news program and, unlike ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC, Fox did not air Obama's address last week to a joint session of Congress.

Wallace will have ACORN chief Bertha Lewis as his lead guest.

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