Top 100: Actors, Bands and Singers Converge to Celebrate Obama

With HBO now showing “We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial” (to be re-run from 7-9 PM EST/PST tonight and again at 11:30 PM EST/PST), featuring a “who's who” of artists, I thought I'd provide my list of one hundred celebrities planning to celebrate Obama's inauguration over the next few days in DC.

I've collated the list of people and groups -- those scheduled to perform, appear at an event or ball or listed on a host committee (many will participate in more than one event) -- from a bunch sources, starting with the AP's Thursday article, “Hollywood on the Potomac: Where the stars will be.” I supplemented that with the's “Party Central” and its The Sleuth blog,'s entertainment blog and's The Scoop blog. Those with an * are taking part in the Lincoln Memorial event, the rights to which HBO paid the inaugural committee $2.5 million.

Jessica Alba
Marc Anthony
Patricia Arquette
Joan Baez
Angela Bassett
Harry Belafonte
Halle Berry
* Beyonce (Sasha Fierce)
* Jack Black
* Mary J. Blige
Beastie Boys
Amy Brenneman
* Garth Brooks
Jackson Browne
* Steve Carell
Mariah Carey
Cedric the Entertainer
George Clinton
The Commodores
Elvis Costello
* Sheryl Crow
John Cusack
Billy Ray Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Tim Daly
Rosario Dawson
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jenna Elfman
Giancarlo Esposito
Melissa Etheridge
* Jamie Foxx
Aretha Franklin
Brendan Fraser
Lou Gossett Jr.
Macy Gray
* Josh Groban
Jasmine Guy
Maggie Gyllenhaal
* Herbie Hancock
* Tom Hanks
Ed Harris
Anne Hathaway
Faith Hill
Ron Howard
Terrence Howard
Jonas Brothers
LL Cool J
* Samuel L. Jackson
Wyclef Jean
Scarlett Johansson
* Jon Bon Jovi
* Ashley Judd
Alicia Keys
Chaka Khan
Carol King
Ashton Kutcher
* Queen Latifah
Cyndi Lauper
Spike Lee
* John Legend
* Laura Linney        
George Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Amy Madigan
Maroon 5
* John Mellencamp
Demi Moore
Graham Nash
Edward Norton
Edward James Olmos
Sarah Jessica Parker
Rosie Perez
Tyler Perry
Lisa Marie Presley
Tim Robbins
Peter Saarsgaard
Susan Sarandon
* Shakira
Rick Shroeder
Russell Simmons
Will Smith
Steven Spielberg
* Bruce Springsteen
* James Taylor
* Marisa Tomei
Chris Tucker
* U2
Blair Underwood
* Usher
Rufus Wainwright
Dionne Warwick
* Denzel Washington
Forest Whitaker
Oprah Winfrey
* Stevie Wonder

(This list does not include those planning to attend the inauguration but not listed as taking part in any event, such as actresses Gloria Reuben, Kim Raver and Maura Tierney, whose views were quoted in the Saturday night NB post: "Celebs Giddy for Obama's 'Magic Moment' After 'Hell' of Bush Years.")

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