'W' Movie Star Josh Brolin Blinks 'Vote for Obama'

October 15th, 2008 10:50 PM

Appearing on Tuesday's Late Show, Josh Brolin, who plays George W. Bush in Oliver Stone's 'W' movie set to open this weekend, blinked “Vote for Barack Obama.”

Picking up on a monologue joke earlier in the program by David Letterman about how Sarah Palin's blinking is conveying “coded messages,” immediately upon sitting down Brolin pointed to his face as he urged Letterman and viewers: “Watch this.”

He blinked several times, then asked: “You know what that is?” Brolin smugly answered his own question as he smiled and raised his fist in self-satisfaction to audience applause: “Vote for Barack Obama.”

Stone asked Brolin to play Bush because, in part, he's “mean,” Michael McIntee recounted in his Wahoo Gazette re-cap of the October 14 Late Show: “Josh plays George W. Bush in the Oliver Stone film, W. Oliver approached Josh and said he would be perfect for the part, with the desired look of 'ranchy, bucolic, American and mean.'”