McClellan's First Stop on Cable: MSNBC's Far-Left 'Countdown'

May 28th, 2008 9:31 PM
Demonstrating that he certainly has come full circle from Bush-advocate to Bush-basher, Scott McClellan has agreed to give his first cable television news interview, on Thursday night, to the most vitriolic left-wing host: Bush-hater Keith Olbermann. McClellan went with MSNBC over CNN, where he is scheduled to appear Friday on The Situation Room. His fist television appearance will be Thursday morning on NBC's Today show. Maybe Countdown came as part of the deal with NBC?

Olbermann announced on his Wednesday night show:
We will have the first cable interview with Scott McClellan, now scheduled for tomorrow night. Scott McClellan, at this desk with me, tomorrow night. And I can't imagine which of us is more surprised by that eventuality.