CNN's Wish Early: 'Something for for Tomorrow'

At the end of panel discussion, just before 7:30 PM EST Tuesday night about conservative opposition to John McCain, CNN analyst Roland Martin recognized his next comment -- about how only “extremists” in the GOP afraid of losing power are opposed to McCain -- might well upset conservatives and so cited NewsBusters in putting a warning up front:

I have something for for tomorrow. These are the extremists of the party who want to continue to hold on to their power. The bottom line is you're losing it. Your party is changing. Deal with it.

That was the last word of the segment.

Martin appeared with Republican analysts Leslie Sanchez and Amy Holmes, in a discussion segment moderated by Lou Dobbs since the campaign coverage came during the normal time for Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Video (10 seconds): Click on the image to play Flash. Or, better quality downloadable Windows Media (800 Kb), plus MP3 audio (64 Kb)

Immediately before Martin's remark, Amy Holmes asserted:

In fairness to John McCain, his voting record, he get an over 80 percent rating from the American Conservative Union. So in his voting record he is a steady ally of the conservative movement.

Hat tip: James Dellinger.

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