Actor William Baldwin Wears Anti-Bush '01.20.09' T-Shirt on Kimmel's ABC Show

Actor William Baldwin sported a left-wing “01.20.09" T-shirt Tuesday night on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. The black shirt with white numbering, one of a wide-collection of collectibles and “wearables,” is meant to highlight the countdown to Bush's last day in office. The "Bush's Last Day" Web site exclaims:
“If you believe the country is heading backwards Bush is the primary reason. Join us in celebrating Bush's Last Day!...In the past five years, the decisions George W. Bush has made have had a damaging effect on our environment. He has made it clear that the success of big corporations is his top priority, not clean water and air. In the next three years, he will only continue to destroy what is most important to all living creatures unless we take a stand NOW.”
Baldwin said nothing about his shirt and Kimmel didn't mention it as Baldwin recited anecdotes from his life and plugged his role on ABC's fall drama about a powerful New York City family, Dirty Sexy Money, in which he plays, according to ABC's site for the show, “Patrick Darling, the attorney general for New York” who is “a handsome and commanding man whose political star is quickly rising. There's just one problem -- he has a transgendered girlfriend who won't go away.”

Baldwin, who used to be known as Billy Baldwin, is a founder of The Creative Coalition and the younger brother of Alec Baldwin. IMDb's bio page for William Baldwin, who probably is best-known for his role in the 1991 movie, Backdraft.

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