CNN Frets Over 'Far Right' Wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, Suggests She Shut Up

December 28th, 2018 11:20 PM

On Friday's The Lead on CNN, fill-in host Dana Bash led a discussion of whether Ginni Thomas -- the wife of conservative U.S Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas -- is expressing too many "far-right" political views on venues like Facebook.

Between Bash's introduction and the setup piece by correspondent Jessica Schneider, her views were referred to as "far-right" twice on a network that rarely describes liberals as "far-left."

At 4:43 p.m. Eastern, Bash introduced the report:

It's not just a divided Congress about to come back to Washington, a more polarized Supreme Court is also just days away from a new session. And the far-right, Trump-supporting Facebook posts of one of the wives of a Supreme Court justice is raising questions.

The CNN host added: "For years, Ginni Thomas -- Justice Clarence Thomas's wife -- has been a vocal presence in conservative circles. But, as CNN's Jessica Schneider reports, her more recent rhetoric is 'hashtag MAGA' all the way."

Schneider began by noting that Ginni Thomas is "well-known for speaking out among conservative circles." With the words "Wife of Justice Thomas Stirs Debate With Far-Right Rhetoric" displayed on screen, the CNN reporter intoned:

But it's her recent rapid-succession of Facebook posts blasting Democrats and promoting highly partisan views that are prompting pushback, Earlier this month, Thomas put up this meme, asking "Where is the wall?" portraying California as a war zone where undocumented immigrants attack and carjack Americans.

Schneider then fretted over a meme that raised the possibility of voter fraud in four unspecified congressional seats -- probably in California -- as the CNN reporter complained that Ginni Thomas provided "no proof at all" in the post. She also complained about a post attacking far-left militants about a week after the Charlottesville violence. Schneider: "She has even derided Republicans for not going after the left, who she has labeled as 'liberal fascists,' one week after a Nazi sympathizer killed a woman in Charlottesville."

Schneider then read a comment from the Facebook page by a Matthew Kuiken attacking Ginni Thomas's political activity: "'You're literally married to a sitting Supreme Court justice, and you put out this partisan propaganda. ... You tarnish the people's faith in the Court, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself.'"

That's right: CNN is apparently opposed to people putting out partisan propaganda. 

After a clip of CNN contributor Steve Vladeck arguing that she may be providing "fodder" for those who attack the "legitimacy" of the Supreme Court, Schneider devoted time to an interview Mrs. Thomas had with Mr. Thomas for the Daily Caller. Schneider concluded with the notion that Mrs. Thomas should just shut up and avoid "appearances of impropriety." 

SCHNEIDER: Dana, Supreme Court watchers do warn that even though she is entitled to her own opinions, with such close scrutiny of the Supreme Court in this upcoming year, it could become more important to stay away from any appearances of impropriety. 

This, from the network that makes entire documentaries lauding Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who certainly caused this kind of furor about partisan opinions when she harshly attacked Donald Trump, and CNN thinks she's just terrific.