MSNBC Lets Dem Guest Claim Trump Admin 'Murdered' Immigrant Kids

December 15th, 2018 9:17 AM

On Friday's The Last Word show, MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell gave California Democratic Rep. Norma Torres an unchallenged forum to claim that the Trump administration has "murdered" illegal immigrant children as the two discussed the recent death of a seven-year-old girl after she was transported across the desert illegally by her father.

Additionally, O'Donnell accused the administration of destroying water supplies left in the desert to help illegals even though Border Patrol released a statement condemning agents who were caught on film destroying water in an incident believed to have happened during the Obama administration.



After noting that administration officials have blamed the father for his daughter's death, the liberal MSNBC host added: "But everyone in the Trump administration has done everything they possibly can to make that trip more dangerous, more deadly." 

As video was shown of agents destroying jugs of water in the desert believed to date back as far as 2011, O'Donnell continued:

They destroy water supplies that are left in the desert by samaritans who are doing what Donald Trump's Bible tells them to do. The Trump administration is illegally blocking fathers and daughters like this from seeking asylum at our border stations. And so they face the choice of hopelessly waiting near a border station for the Trump administration to suddenly decide to obey the law or find a more dangerous way to cross.

A bit later, he brought aboard Rep. Torres, who complained about the Trump administration's treatment of illegal immigrants, before adding: "They murdered this child. They did that."

Referring to another child who died earlier in the year after leaving Border Patrol detention, Torres added: "They murdered the 18-month-old little girl that died a few days after they released her back in June, and they murdered many other children, and they're separating families, and they must be held accountable."

Not mentioned was that the number of deaths in detention per year since Trump took office has been about the same as what it was when President Barack Obama was in office.

O'Donnell then repeated his claim that "they are out there destroying the water supplies that good samaritans put out there for people who find themselves in these situatoins."