MSNBC Slams GOP as a 'Racist Party,' Sees 'Modern-Day Holocaust Denial'

September 16th, 2018 1:19 PM

On Saturday's AM Joy, several regular MSNBC panel members attacked the Republican party as a "racist party" whose leader, President Donald Trump, is engaging in "modern-day holocaust denial" and treats Hispanics like "animals" as host Joy Reid was joined by NBC News columnist Kurt Bardella, NPR's Maria Hinojosa, and Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi.

As the group discussed President Trump's reaction to criticism that his administration did not do enough to help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria, Amandi made his characteristic over the top comments against Republicans as he flamed:

He has called us animals. He is now trying to deny the deaths of many citizens who live with great dignity. And, Joy, this is sending a very sinister message to Trump's base. What he's saying is, "These are not people, these are not even animals, these things didn't happen." It is modern-day holocaust denial, Joy.

A bit later, Hinojosa added to the incendiary rhetoric:

It looks like this President really doesn't care about our lives, whether we're in cages, whether we're in freezers in those immigrant detention camps, or whether we are dead in Puerto Rico.

We have now been exactly denied, our existence negated, and I think for us it's kind of like the shock of making the connections because you know also money from FEMA was put into ICE. We're not going to save Latino and Latina lives, but we will put them in immigrant detention facilities that are ultimately going to make money for people.

Not mentioned was that, under the Trump administration, more aid was supplied to Puerto Rico than during the aftermath of any other hurricane except Hurricane Katrina from 2005.

Bardella then chimed in to label the Republican party as "racist" and to suggest that no minority should vote for GOP candidates: "And people aren't stupid. They realize that ultimately this is a racist party, and I don't know why any single person who isn't a white person would vote for a Republican right now."