MSNBC's McCaffrey Claims 'Automatic' Guns Used by Civilians in Shootings

August 26th, 2018 8:07 PM

Appearing as a guest on Sunday's MSNBC Live with David Gura, longtime MSNBC analyst and retired General Barry McCaffrey oddly claimed that both "automatic and semi-automatic" weapons are used by mass shooters, and likened mass attacks to the time he was hit by machine gun fire in the Vietnam War, as he gave the impression that rapid fire machine guns are readily available to U.S. civilians.

He also went on to call for gun registration and efforts to reduce the number of guns.



After reading a Twiitter reaction to the Jacksonville shootings from Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, Gura went to McCaffrey for reaction. The veteran MSNBC analyst began: "David, I think we're getting inured to this -- getting accustomed to it. We've having mass shootings with semi-automatic weapons or automatic weapons on a regular basis."

He continued:

The last day in combat as an infantry company commander in Vietnam, I got shot by a machine gun. We probably had the same level of casualties -- from around 20 wounded and three or four killed in action. But that's in combat -- we were opposing North Vietnamese army regulars. What we're seeing now is automatic and semi-automatic weapons being used against defenseless populations.."

He soon called for the "registration and diminished sales of weapons" and "semi-automatic pistols."