CNN Gives Stephen Miller's Uncle Forum to Trash Him on Immigration Reform

August 14th, 2018 4:26 PM

On Tuesday's New Day show, the latest round of Trump bashing included giving a forum to the uncle of White House advisor Stephen Miller to denounce his nephew as an "immigration hypocrite" for supporting enforcing immigration law and pushing for reforms. The uncle in question, David Glosser, who published an op-ed in Politico, suggested that the refusal to accept immigrants was tantamount to a "war crime."

At 7:30 a.m. Eastern, fill-in co-host Erica Hill plugged the segment: "The uncle for top White House aide Stephen Miller says his nephew is an 'immigration hypocrite.'"

A few minutes later, after a commercial break, co-host John Berman set up the interview:

White House senior advisor Stephen Miller on the receiving end of a blistering op-ed. The author calls Miller an "immigration hypocrite," saying the architect behind President Trump's hardline immigration policies never would have been born if his extended family had not immigrated to America. The author is Miller's uncle, David Glosser.

After acknowledging that Miller and Glosser have never actually had a close family relationship, the CNN host gave his guest an unchallenged forum to promote his liberal views on immigration. Glosser recalled that he was concerned by the "increasingly hostile posture towards desperate people trying to enter the country" by the Trump administration and declared that "[I] thought I could no longer have a quiet voice on the subject in light of the incarceration of all these children. This was an act of inexcusable cruelty."

He soon added: "Had any other country done this in a time of war, it would have been considered a war crime."

Not mentioned was that even the Obama administration not only kept children in detention and tried to deport some to their home countries, but the overwhelming majority of asylum seekers had their asylum claims rejected. So, in reality, he is not merely reacting to the detention of children and rejection of asylum seekers -- he is simply objecting to the Trump administration being the ones to do what the Obama administration was for the most part already doing.

Also not mentioned was the real problem that sometimes illegal immigrants pose as the parents of children to help get into the country, with children sometimes coming under abuse, illustrating the need to screen those who show up at the border and verify that they really are the real parents before letting them go free with vulnerable children.

Without offering any such pushback or context, Berman sympathetically followed up: "Was it hard to come to the point to go so public with criticism like this?"

Let this be the latest reminder of how the liberal media and particularly cable news will use anyone and anything to delegitimize the President and his policies.