CNN: Hispanics Conservative on Immigration Are 'Shunning' Their 'Heritage'

On New Day Sunday, CNN correspondent Rosa Flores filed a report highlighting Hispanic Americans who agree with President Donald Trump on enforcing immigration laws, but suggested that they are "shunning" their "heritage" in doing so.

After updating viewers on one illegal immigrant who was recently reunited with his son after being separated at the border, CNN anchors Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul previewed the story of a middle aged Hispanic woman and her son who disagree on the issue of enforcing immigration laws. Paul recalled that "the issue has exposed somewhat of a generational divide in their family and others as well."

Flores introduced her report by informing viewers of Texas resident Linda Quiroz -- a Hispanic woman who supports Democrats on every issue except immigration:

She leans Democratic, voted for Hillary Clinton, and disagrees with President Trump on every single issue except for one -- immigration. Ironic, given that she was born in Mexico.

The CNN correspondent noted that, although she is a citizen now, Quiroz originally entered the country illegally as a child, noting that it was "something that could have got her deported under the very policy she now supports."

Then came a clip of Quiroz complaining that "too many people are coming over because, like a said, a lot of people are good people, but not everybody"

Flores then shifted to her adult son, recounting that he "says he feels more connected to his Mexican roots than she does," and showed a soundbite of him complaining about President Trump's views on immigration.

The report then further suggested hypocrisy on Quiroz's part by showing soundbites of University of Texas professor Maritza de la Trinidad:

What you're talking about are people who insist that they are American citizens -- they are Americans, not Mexican.

Because they're here now and they have made it, you know, and so now it's time to pull up the ladder and not let anyone else in.

Flores then suggested that Hispanics with conservative views on immigration are "shunning" their "heritage" as she added:

Shunning of one's heritage is more common than you might think. According to the Pew Research Center, 11 percent of Hispanic Americans don't identify as Hispanic or Latino.

Not mentioned were the many American citizens who have immigrated from Mexico legally and have a right to be angry about others cheating to get into the country.

The report ended with Quiroz insisting she would still not vote for Trump in spite of agreeing with him on immigration.

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