Brian Williams Likens NFL Caving to Trump to Kennedy Appeasing Hitler

June 6th, 2018 8:58 PM

On Tuesday's The 11th Hour show on MSNBC, during a discussion of President Donald Trump's dispute with the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles, Brian Williams dropped a Hitler comparison as he likened the NFL caving to Trump on the National Anthem protests to Joseph P. Kennedy trying to appease Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.

And race-obsessed MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson declared that Trump is angry at the Eagles because he is against blacks and whites working together.

As Williams turned to right-leaning MSNBC contributor and Trump critic Charlie Sykes, the MSNBC host lamented: "Think of the collateral damage this week, Charlie. Football players have been accused of lacking patriotism. They've been accused of being anti-military."

After Sykes complained that the President is using "divisive politics" to energize the Republican base, he brought up the issue of "appeasement" as he concluded: "Memo to the NFL and anybody else who is targeted in a Donald Trump culture war: You notice that appeasement does not work. Gracious surrender does not get you what you want -- he sees that as a sign of weakness, and he doubles down."

Williams then quipped: "Didn't work for Joseph P. Kennedy in the years before World War II, either."

A bit later, Johnson claimed that one of Trump's biggest goals has been to prevent blacks and whites from working together:

He really, really dislikes this team not just for the racial component -- not because he thinks it's going to help him with his base -- but because the Eagles represent everything the President has tried to fight against -- which is politically active black men, white men working together to solve structural issues in this country.