O'Donnell: 'Brilliant' Obama's Mind Is 'Too Complex' 'Compared to My Own'

June 2nd, 2018 8:54 PM

Appearing as a guest on Saturday's AM Joy show, MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell again descended into sycophancy toward former President Barack Obama as he declared that the former President's mind is "too supple, too complex, too rich compared to my own."



His comments came during a discussion of reports that the former President, disappointed that Donald Trump was elected to succeed him, had remarked that he, Obama, had perhaps been elected President "20 years too soon" for America to handle.

O'Donnell began his analysis: "When I hear a statement like that -- read a statement like that from Barack Obama -- who is, as we've said, an introspective and thoughtful and very wise man -- and a brilliant writer. And he says something like he came 20 years too soon, my reaction to that is: What do you mean?"

He then went over the top as he elaborated: "Which is to say, I cannot possibly fill In the paragraph that that is the first sentence of, if it is spoken by Barack Obama because his mind is too supple, too complex, too rich compared to my own to fill out what the rest of that thought is."

The liberal MSNBC host then concluded: "And I think he's got a really interesting thought there, and when you hear him there in an extended interview like he most recently did with David Letterman, you understand that wherever that first line begins did not tell you where that answer was going to go in 75 or 200 words later."

In November 2016, as President Barack Obama was months away from leaving office, O'Donnell declared that Obama was "the most noble man ever to live in the White House."