MSNBC's Mohyeldin Absurdly Claims Iran Has Never Fired a Shot at Israel

On Sunday's MSNBC Live, as host Ayman Mohyeldin interviewed David Keyes -- spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- at one point, the MSNBC host ridiculously claimed that Iran "has not fired a single bullet" at Israel and that it "hasn't violated your sovereignty" as he asked why Israel has taken military action against the Iranian military in Syria.



The MSNBC host must have been asleep all of last week since the Iranian military launched missiles into the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, and, of course, has supported the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah for decades.

At 5:11 p.m. Eastern, Mohyeldin posed: "The Iranian government has not fired a single bullet at you guys directly. and the Israeli government is launching airstrikes into Syria against Iranian targets. Explain to viewers how you see it from that perspective that if Iran hasn't violated your sovereignty or your territory, why are you violating Syria's territory and violating airstrikes against Iran?"

Keyes calmly began his response, "That's an interesting question except the facts are completely wrong," and then recalled Iran's missile attack from last week, as well its history of supporting terrorist groups.

A bit earlier, Mohyeldin characterized the Palestinian protesters as "peaceful" people being attacked by the Israeli military as he posed:

Your government -- your military using live rounds -- live bullets -- against largely peaceful protesters that as our reporter said on the ground and it has been corroborated by others -- are peaceful demonstrators that are just expressing their right to demonstrate. Is it fair to use live ammunition -- live rounds against peaceful protesters?

After Keyes recalled the use of Molotov cocktails and other weapons by some of the demonstrators, and argued that Israel is only targeting people trying to infiltrate the border like other countries would do for their own borders, Mohyeldin likened the Palestinian infiltrators to Mexican illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. as he commented: "I'm not sure that in some cases the U.S. and others are shooting on children crossing the border from Mexico into the United States, I have to say."

The MSNBC host then read a quote from a PLO official complaining that the U.S. is allowing "full-fledged apartheid" to take shape in Israel, and then wondered: "Are we living now between Israel and the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in an Israeli-controlled apartheid state?"

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