Bardella: NRA Will Have 'Blood on Their Hands' If Media Face Violence

March 11th, 2018 11:16 PM

Appearing as a panel member on Sunday's AM Joy, frequent guest, former Republican, and current Huffington Post columnist Kurt Bardella accused the NRA of trying to incite its followers to "take matters into their own hands" by criticizing the dominant media's bias against Second Amendment supporters, and declared that "the NRA has blood on their hands" if the media face a violent attack.



After host Joy Reid hinted that the NRA are trying to appeal to racists and have become "fringe," Bardella laughably claimed that Reid's show features "enlightened, elevated conversation" each week as he complained that the NRA were "putting a target on your back."

Notably, just last week, Reid and Bardella cheered for the conservative viewers of Fox News to "die off" during one of their allegedly "enlightened, elevated" discussions.

Taking further aim at the NRA on Sunday's show, Bardella proclaimed and, as usual, gave MSNBC viewers and Reid exactly what they wanted to hear:

We've seen now that there are plenty of disturbed people in this country who have unchecked access to weapons, and they're putting out the call that they basically want them to take matters into their own hands. If something happens to somebody in the media, to anyone that they have name-checked, to anyone that they have called out in these propaganda videos, the NRA has blood on their hands. It is their fault.

The Huffington Post columnist -- who has made a name for himself among MSNBC liberals mainly by leaving the GOP and turning against his former business associate Breitbart News -- soon added: "What I'm afraid of, what I think is most dangerous and disturbing, is that there is going to be some demented, deranged person who's an NRA devout follower who will take them literally and try to take matters into their own hands."

Host Reid agreed and, a bit later, claimed that Dana Loesch is "selling fear and terror" as NRA spokesperson.