CNN's Ben Ferguson Schools Obeidallah, Recalls Defending Himself with Gun

February 19th, 2018 10:00 PM

On Sunday evening, CNN Newsroom anchor Ana Cabrera hosted a debate between liberal CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah and conservative contributor Ben Ferguson in which Obeidallah adopted the typical liberal tactic of advocating new gun restrictions that have nothing to do with the mass shootings being discussed as he tried to blame President Donald Trump and the NRA for the most recent school shootings in Florida.

Ferguson exposed the holes in his liberal colleague's rant and recalled his own story of how he had to use a gun to defend himself against two ex-convicts who not only had been released from prison early, but who had attacked him using illegally obtained guns.

The 12-minute debate began at 6:39 p.m. ET with the issue of whether President Trump would have reacted differently if school shooter Nikolas Cruz had been an illegal immigrant or a Muslim, noting reports that an image of the gunman exists in which he was wearing a Make America Great Again hat. As the debate shifted to gun control, Obeidallah tried to push blame onto Trump as he began: "I'm not going to say blood is on his hands, but I can tell you --"

As Ferguson injected, "You just said it by saying you're not going to say it," Obeidallah continued:

--there are mothers and fathers right now burying their children because Donald Trump did nothing because the NRA spent $31 million to help him win, and the Republican party has been complicit in this.

He soon added that it is "stunningly scary" that the President won't use the words "gun violence" in  his public statements.

A bit later, Ferguson recounted his own experience of having to use a gun to defend himself against attackers who had illegally obtained firearms:

I had a gun and was able to protect myself and to fight back and to save my own life. I know how gun laws work. I know that those two guns that were used in the shooting against me were stolen weapons.

I also know they were against the law. I also know the two people who committed the crime against me when they were caught were convicted felons, so there was multiple gun laws that were broken because they weren't allowed to have a gun anywhere in this country.

Obeidallah also made the lame "if it saves just one life" excuse for more gun laws, opening himself up to the same argument being used against him when he opposes deporting illegal immigrants or limiting immigration from countries with Muslim countries where there is high terrorist activity.

Additionally, it was another case of a conservative CNN guest having to debate both the liberal guest and the anchor as Cabrera came down on the liberal side of pushing for more gun control and complaining that Trump would have responded differently if the gunman were an illegal immigrant or a Muslim.