MSNBC Guest: 'Racist' Jeff Sessions Is 'Living His Best Bigoted Life'

On Sunday's AM Joy on MSNBC, guest Karine Jean-Pierre of the far-left injected charges of racism against Attorney General Jeff Sessions into a discussion of the Russia collusion investigation, as the frequent MSNBC guest charged that the Attorney General is a "known racist" who is "living his best bigoted life right now" by "running the most radical right-wing" Justice Department.

At 10:11 a.m., when Jean-Pierre got her turn to speak, she went right to charges of racism as she began:

So, first of all, just really quickly on Jeff Sessions, he is a known racist and should have never been attorney general. He wasn't qualified to be attorney general. And now we find out that he lied twice under oath in front of Congress.

Before making more claims of racism, she commented on the issue of whether Sessions has connections to the ambassador from Russia:

And the first time, when he lied, we found at that he had at least three meetings with the Russian ambassador who the U.S. intelligence agency believed that he is a spy -- the Russian ambassador is a spy and a spy recruiter. So here we have Jeff Session who is clearly now not a bit player but a major key figure in all of this, and he has to go. He is not compromised as the chief law enforcement officer.

The far-left analyst returned to accusations of bigotry as she added:

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And then one more thing that I just want to say here, is after he lied about -- to become attorney general, he's now running the most radical right-wing Department of Justice -- anti-immigration, anti-gay, anti-black, anti-brown. He's literally living his best bigoted life right now. And so with everybody now that we're seeing -- George Papadopoulos, Gordon, Carter -- I mean, this is just a band of misfits who were rushing to talk to Russia just so they can please this President.

In September, Jean-Pierre notably made a blatantly false claim that Miss Texas accused President Donald Trump of being a "white supremacist" to bolster her claim of a racial double standard by the President.

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