Mitchell: 'Shocking,' 'Big Mistake' for Trump to Warn Against NK 'Appeasement'

Appearing as a guest on Sunday's MSNBC Live with Alex Witt, MSNBC host and NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell fretted over President Donald sending out a tweet warning allies not to engage in "appeasement" with North Korea.

After declaring that "most analysts would agree" that the choice of words was a "really big mistake," Mitchell looked visibly worried as she ended up calling it a "shocking word frankly" for the President to use.

At 9:47 a.m, after recalling that North Korea has continued doing nuclear tests in spite of warnings from President Trump, she continued:

And there's a clear testing by Kim Jong-Un of this new President. And what there doesn't seem to be is a strategy that combines both diplomacy and military options. It seems to be more of a zigzag approach, and that can be very confusing to allies and adversaries alike.

Mitchell then bemoaned the use of the word "appeasement" as she added:

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I do think that using the word "appeasement," most analysts would agree, was a really big mistake today on Twitter because, to suggest that South Koreans' interest in diplomacy is appeasement, that is a loaded term. And South Korea is our closest ally right there, you know, feet away from North Korea and the DMZ.

After recounting that soldiers from both countries stand facing each other at the DMZ, she continued:

And to suggest that the idea of talks is appeasement, which hearkens back to World War II and what happened in the late '30s, is just really a shocking word frankly to be using toward our South Korean allies at a time when they are so vulnerable and obviously nervous with a new South Korean president.

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