MSNBC Derides 'Slob' Bannon as Appearing Homeless, Like 'Dirty Old Man'

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's The Last Word on MSNBC, Daily Beast foreign editor and MSNBC political commentator Christopher Dickey aimed snide name-calling at White House advisor Steve Bannon. After calling him a "snob," the liberal commentator also remarked that he looks like a "slob" and a "dirty old man," as he went along with host Lawrence O'Donnell's suggestion that the Donald Trump advisor looks homeless.

O'Donnell described Bannon as looking like he "slept in the subway last night" as he wondered how people in France view the Donald Trump advisor: "So what do they think when they see the guy who looks like he slept in the subway last night and he's the one who's talking to the President?"

Dickey expanded on O'Donnell's homeless reference as he responded:

Well, they think he looks like what they call an SDF -- someone without a fixed home. They look at him and they say, "Who is this slob, this guy schlumping around who, at the same time, is trying to interfere in French politics. You know, he really is a sinister guy, even in French politics, even when it comes to Marine Le Pen. 

His derision of Bannon became more crass as he added:

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He said he really is supportive of the Le Pens, meaning the whole family. not Marine Le Pen. And he singled out Marion Marechal-Le Pen, who's in her twenties, long blonde hair, very pretty. And all you could think when they were -- when the French press was running the picture of him and the picture of her, was "dirty old man."

Apparently approving of the Daily Beast editor lambasting Bannon, O'Donnell wrapped up the segment: "Ah, well, his image is traveling. David Corn, Christopher Dickey, thank you both."

A bit earlier, Dickey had also trashed the White House advisor as a "snob" because he supposedly worked a reference to a French philosopher into his appearance at CPAC. Dickey:

Bannon is a terrible snob. He didn't say he was going to bust up the government. He was talking about the deconstruction of the administrative state. "Deconstruction" is a word he got from Jacques Derrida, the French philosopher, who's known for his criticism of modern philosophy. That's typical Bannon: "See how smart I am? Who's going to catch this? Deconstruction." I bet people at CPAC weren't tuned in to that word.

But anybody in France would hear it. And they would see that this is not only a guy who is not only powerful, but he reeks of the arrogance of power -- intellectual arrogance. And I think that Trump is impressed by him. I think Trump looks at him and listens to this and says, "Wow."

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