MSNBC's Schultz Slams FBN's John Stossel as 'Fossil Fool,' 'Poverty and Climate Change Are Linked'

On the Friday, April 18, The Ed Show, MSNBC host Ed Schultz trashed John Stossel's appearance on FNC's Fox and Friends in which the FBN host defended fossil fuels as making it easier for people to exit poverty than other more expensive options.

After calling Stossel a "fossil fool" as he began the show's regular "Pretenders" segment, the MSNBC host parroted doom and gloom global warming predictions and asserted that "poverty and climate change are linked," as he claimed that the poor will suffer the most.

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Friday, April 18, The Ed Show on MSNBC:

ED SCHULTZ: And in "Pretenders" tonight, "fossil fool"  John Stossel. The Fox News libertarian mouthpiece is celebrating Earth Day this year by peddling big oil.

JOHN STOSSEL, FBN HOST, APPEARING ON FOX AND FRIENDS: I do cheer for fossil fuels because that's the only way poor people -- and there are billions still in poverty -- can lift themselves out of poverty because the other stuff isn't good enough.

SCHULTZ: Poverty and climate change are linked. But the so-called investigative journalist is missing the facts. The poor will suffer the most as climate change brings food shortages, extreme storms and temperatures.

In fact, the president of the World Bank Group points out: "The poor will be hit first and hardest. This means the people who are least responsible for raising the earth's temperature may suffer the gravest consequences from global warming."

Of course, we could just stick with Stossel's bright idea and just hope for the best.

STOSSEL: There is some evidence that we're connected, but are we doing most of it? Is it going to be a big problem? Can we do anything about it? No, no, no.

SCHULTZ: Oooooo, we've gone from no evidence to some evidence! Are we moving you, Johnny? He is full of more hot air than the ozone. If Stossel thinks fossil fuels will power a clean and prosperous future, he can keep on pretending.

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