ABC, CBS Show Hamas Dragging Dead Body, ABC Suggests 'Savagery' is 'Inevitable'

Tuesday's CBS Evening News showed a video clip of Hamas terrorists dragging the body of a suspected informant for Israel through the streets of Gaza, and Wednesday's ABC World News showed a photograph of the dragging.

But ABC correspondent Alex Marquardt seemed to provide a bit of cover for Hamas as he inserted commentary suggesting that it is "inevitable" that some "participants" in such a war would resort to such "savagery," as if brutality were normally out of character for the terrorist group. Marquardt: (Video of ABC below)

The human cost has been huge. Here in Gaza, more than 160 dead and 1200 wounded. Conflict like this inevitably draws out the savagery in its participants. In this photo seen around the world, Hamas militants can be seen dragging through the streets of Gaza the executed body of an Israeli collaborator.

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