CNN's Morgan Was 'Absolutely Thrilled' When Obama Pledged to Close Guantanamo

On Thursday's Piers Morgan Tonight, during an interview with Obama supporter and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, host Piers Morgan declared that he was "absolutely thrilled" when President Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay, and showed disappointment that Obama "broke that promise."

Morgan further complained that Guantanamo Bay is "an institution I believe flies in the face of everything American justice has ever stood for."

Last month, Morgan had previously described himself as "quite disappointed" because Obama did not close Guantanamo.

On Thursday's show, the CNN host went on to ask "why should we believe him" when President Obama makes future campaign promises.

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Thursday, May 24, Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN:

If I could jump in, it will also come down to a matter of trust. And, although President Obama - as I've said earlier - has got a good record in certain areas - the car industry and so on and I think a lot of notable successes in foreign policy - if you were to look at something like Guantanamo Bay, I was one of those people that was absolutely thrilled to see President Obama say that one of his great commitments would be the closure of Guantanamo Bay, an institution I believe flies in the face of everything American justice has ever stood for.

And then he went back on his word. He broke that promise. So how will he get something - let me finish - how will he get something out for this election and make a series of further promises about what he will do in a second term? Why should we believe him?

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