ABC Finds Chris Christie 'May Have Met His Match' in Navy SEAL Heckler, Ignores Dem Activism

On Saturday's World News, as he ended a report on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's dustup with a Rutgers University student who heckled him at a town hall forum, ABC correspondent Mark Greenblatt forwarded Rutgers Law student and former Navy SEAL Wiliam Brown's criticisms of Christie without noting Brown's  history of activism in the Democratic party, specifically that he ran unsuccessfully for a state assembly seat.

The ABC correspondent instead forwarded Brown's complaints about Christie's temperament as if the Democratic activist were concerned about the health of the Republican party. Greenblatt:

A short time ago, I spoke with that ex-Navy SEAL, he says that even though he interrupted the Governor. He does want an apology for what happened next. And, David, he's more concerned, though, that a rising star in the Republican party would actually lose his cool so easily.

A bit earlier, after recounting Governor Christie's history of verbal sparring with audience members in other forums, Greenblatt seemed to relish the idea that the Republican governor "may have met his match":

MARK GREENBLATT: And it's not the first time Chris Christie has made headlines for his combative style, taking on teachers unions and even his own constituents.

GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE (R-NJ): what you want to do is put on a show and giggle every time I talk, well, I have no interest of answering your question.

GREENBLATT: But this time-

WILLIAM BROWN, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY STUDENT: I'm a Navy SEAL, I honorably served this country, I'm a law school student, I didn't deserve to be called an idiot.

GREENBLATT: -he may have met his match in an ex-Navy SEAL.

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