MSNBC's Alter Warns of Anti-Obama 'Hate Ads' Paid for by Billionaires

As if there were not liberal billionaires able to spend money trashing Republicans and promoting  President Obama's reelection, MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter -- formerly of Newsweek -- fretted on Tuesday that billionaires would run what he referred to as "hate ads" against President obama right before the election.

After The Ed Show host Ed Schultz complained that the GOP emphasis on "voter ID [laws] is all about voter suppression," Alter made his prediction about billionaires running ads against Obama. Alter:

I sense a little bit of cockiness now in conversation with Democrats. They think, oh, yes, you know, we got this. We`re going to have the better candidate. They`re going to have the weaker candidate. I would caution them against it. As someone who has covered a lot of elections.

And the billionaires who can pour in literally hundreds of millions of dollars, and because they will buy ads that are more expensive, the television stations will give the billionaires doing the hate ads against Obama, they will get all the big air time just before the election, which is going to be a big factor.

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