McCain Complains About Stephanopoulos 'Gotcha Question' on Contraceptives

Appearing as a guest on Thursday's Late Show with David Letterman on CBS, Arizona Senator John McCain complained about ABC's George Stephanopoulos because the ABC host asked GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney if states have the constitutional power to ban contraceptives.

McCain's comment came as host Letterman brought up the topic of politicians like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann committing gaffes in public, with the Arizona Republican defending them and arguing that it is easy for a public figure to make a mis-step sometimes.

He then cited Saturday's GOP presidential debate, hosted by ABC and co-moderated by Stephanopoulos as an example of the media trying to trip of candidates. McCain:

But sometimes, but sometimes, how about the other night? George Stephanopoulos, who I admire, is asking about whether states can ban contraceptives. Now, there's no state that is considering banning contraceptives. why would that be the question of the moment?

After Letterman quipped, "I guess, for him, probably trouble at home," inspiring audience laughter, McCain continued: "Sometimes the questions are gotcha questions."

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Below is video of the relevant portion of the Thursday, January 12, Late Show with David Letterman:

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