ABC Relays Liberal Ron Reagan’s Slam of Palin as Having ‘Nothing in Common with His Father’

 On Saturday’s Good Morning America on ABC, as he anchored the show’s regular series of news briefs during the 7:00 a.m. hour, Ron Claiborne relayed liberal commentator Ron Reagan’s criticism of Sarah Palin as having "nothing in common with his father," former President Ronald Reagan, in response to her words at a celebration of the former President’s 100th birthday. Claiborne did not inform ABC viewers that Ron Reagan is a liberal who has a history of criticizing his father’s political policies as well as attacking other conservatives. Claiborne:

And former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin says America needs to return to the values of Ronald Reagan. In a speech celebrating Reagan’s 100 th birthday, which is tomorrow, Palin said that America is on a road to ruin because of what she characterized as "misguided policies" in Washington, D.C. But one of Reagan’s sons, Ron Reagan, says Palin has nothing in common with his father.

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