Breitbart Disputes Maher Tying Obama Hitler Images to Right Wing, Recounts Liberal Protester Rowdiness

Appearing as a guest on Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart argued against Maher after the Real Time host linked conservative protesters to images of President Obama with a Hitler moustache, and went on to recount his own observations of left-wing protesters depicting conservatives with Hitler moustaches. This portion of show could be seen on the Web site during the Overtime portion of the show.

Breitbart also recalled the case of conservative activist Kenneth Gladney being physically attacked and called by a racial epithet by left-wing SEIU members, and his own experience of being called "gay" by protesters on the left.

Below is a transcript of relevant portions of the Friday, September 24, Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO:

BILL MAHER: But they didn’t draw the Hitler moustache on him. There was no big movement.

ANDREW BRIETBART: (INAUDIBLE) Hitler moustache. Honestly, last week, we filmed a, last week in Illinois, we actually filmed people having a protest that had Hitler moustaches on Beck, Palin and an Air Force guy running against Debbie Halverson, and we followed them after they finished their protest and they walked into Debbie Halverson’s office.

The Hitler moustaches have come from the LaRouchians, they’ve come from the actual Democratic party, and we’ve found two of the people – no, no, I’ll tell you their names. Anna Murkowski and Ben Dawbins – he’s from the DCCC, and we’ve got Anna Murkowski from Organizing for America were caught on tape. They were caught red-handed. (INAUDIBLE)

SEIU called Kenneth Gladney the "N" word and beat him up, so the racism we’ve caught on tape has come from the people, last week, no, you’re going to like this part, you’re going to like this part a lot, I was at a rally where I spoke and Beck was there, and there was a Stop the Hate rally, and I confronted the Stop the Hate rally, and I started to ask people about what were on their signs, "Glenn Beck Lies," I asked them to say one thing Glenn Beck has lied about, the person said, "I’m not going to fall into that trap." They ended up leaving. ... One person in the crowd called me gay. One person in the crowd goes "That guy’s gay" at a Stop the Hate rally. I said, "You just called me a homosexual. Why did you call me a homosexual?" Another guy in the Stop the Hate rally said, "Because of the way you talk." And they all started howling.

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