MSNBC’s Brzezinski: Jimmy Carter ‘Best Former President We’ve Ever Had’

Shortly after 8:00 a.m. on Monday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, noting that it was Presidents Day, host Joe Scarborough asked the day’s panel members who was their favorite President. After the first two guests named Abraham Lincoln, to which co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed, she then announced her admiration for Jimmy Carter’s post-presidential activities calling him her "favorite former President." She went on to call him the "best former President we’ve ever had," prompting Scarborough to quip, "You should be paid."

After Willie Geist poked fun at Brzezinski by declaring that Jimmy Carter was the best President because of "his bravery against that killer rabbit in Plains, Georgia," Brzezinski sulked: "Stop mocking him."

Below is a transcript of relevant portions of the Monday, February 15, Morning Joe on MSNBC:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: By the way, it’s Presidents Day. I’m going to do a quick go-around. John, who’s your favorite President?

JOHN AVLON, THE DAILY BEAST: Lincoln, followed by Teddy Roosevelt.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Oh, I’m with you.


ANDY SERWER, FORTUNE MAGAZINE: Geez, I got to say Lincoln, too.

BRZEZINSKI: Yeah, absolutely. All around.

SCARBOROUGH: Another Lincoln.

BRZEZINSKI: Favorite former President, Jimmy Carter.

SCARBOROUGH: Oh, come on, that, you-

BRZEZINSKI: No, seriously.

SCARBOROUGH: You know what, that is a-

BRZEZINSKI: He is the best former President we’ve ever had.

SCARBOROUGH: You should be, you should be paid.

BRZEZINSKI: Is he not?

AVLON: In terms of Habitat for Humanity, absolutely.

SERWER: Best presidential candidate, Kinkie-

SCARBOROUGH: You’re making-

SERWER: -Freedman.

SCARBOROUGH: -my teeth hurt. Al Hunt, who’s your favorite President, buddy?

AL HUNT: Well, Lincoln, but Franklin Roosevelt a close second.

SCARBOROUGH: All right, Willie Geist?

WILLIE GEIST: I’m going to side with Mika for his bravery against that killer rabbit in Plains, Georgia. (ALL LAUGH) I think that makes him the best President.

BRZEZINSKI: Stop mocking him.

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