Harry Reid Quotes Keith Olbermann on Senate Floor

September 6th, 2006 9:40 PM

Keith Olbermann's ongoing campaign against the Bush administration is now resonating so well with liberals, Democratic leaders in Washington are starting to quote the MSNBC host publicly. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid was so impressed with Olbermann's August 30 attack on Donald Rumsfeld for a speech in which the Defense Secretary referred to the appeasement of Nazis before World War II, the Democratic leader read from Olbermann's comments while making a speech on the Senate floor. In turn, Olbermann was so proud of this recognition that he played a clip of Reid's speech during the "Top Three Sound Bites" segment on Wednesday's Countdown show. (Transcript follows)

Below is a complete transcript of the relevant portion of the September 6 Countdown show:

Keith Olbermann: "Time now for Countdown's 'Top Three Sound Bites' of the day. Listen closely."

Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader: "Keith Olbermann of NBC observed after Rumsfeld's comments as follows, Keith Olbermann, I quote, 'His speech did not merely serve to impugn the morality or intelligence, indeed the loyalty of the majority of Americans who opposed the transient occupants of the highest offices-'"

Extreme Mortman adds: "Not sure who has worse ratings these days — Rumsfeld or Olbermann."