Newsweek's Reed: Obama 'Out of His Cotton-Picking Mind'


The left's strategy is clear: any opposition to President Obama is not driven by ideological and/or political disagreement. No, it's driven by racism and whole groups of people have been strategically tarnished.

You would think these people would be even more careful, then again the majority of people making racist statements against the president these days seems to be coming from the left....

He said I know this is going to be — lead to some, quote, difficulty for the guys who work on those rigs.
Well, if he thinks that some guys on the rigs are the only people that are going to be affected by a six-month oil moratorium, he’s out of his cotton-picking mind. Julia Reed, Newsweek senior editor on CNN on Anderson Cooper 360, June 16.

Whoops. While we all know what Obama supporters would be shrieking had this been said by a Republican, watch how quickly this dies down when coming from one of their own.

Julia Reed

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