VIDEO: Dems Insist Border Is ‘Secure,’ Corporate Media Shrug

February 5th, 2024 1:53 PM

For the entirety of the Biden administration, the corporate news media have sat idly by as Democrats lied that the U.S. border is “secure,” “closed,” and “under control.” For a group of people so supposedly disturbed by misinformation, these journalists owe everyone an explanation for why they’ve allowed their friends in the White House and on Capitol Hill to continue pushing this absurd mistruth.

To highlight the issue at hand, we’ve put together a compilation of Democrats and Biden officials repeatedly insisting that “the border is secure.” Watch below:



At this point, the assertion that the border is under control is so laughable that it scarcely merits argument. But just for the sake of due diligence, let’s look at some DHS data.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, during the Trump presidency there were a total 2,196,000 southwest land border encounters. In just three years under President Biden, that number has tripled to 6,589,000. In fact, land border encounters for both Fiscal Years 2022 and 2023 were higher than the total number of encounters throughout the entire Trump administration. Additionally, encounters in Fiscal Year 2024 have already surpassed the total number throughout all of 2017 and 2020.

The media haven’t completely turned a blind eye to this. America’s illegal immigration crisis has received a decent amount of attention from corporate media outlets, both print and TV. But the tenor of the coverage has, almost without exception, been poorly disguised pro-open borders propaganda.

All the while, journalists refuse to hold hold the administration to account for outright denying reality. Perhaps the closest any corporate journalist has come to forcing an answer out of an administration official was during Chris Wallace’s February 2023 interview with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on CNN.

To his credit, Wallace inquired multiple times how Mayorkas could possibly continue to maintain that the border was not wide open:

CHRIS WALLACE: When you say it’s secure, what does secure mean to you? It certainly doesn’t mean that people aren’t able to get across the border illegally?

ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS: Of course not. By that measure, the border has never been secure, right? Since the Department of Homeland of Security was created, individuals have evaded —

WALLACE: So by what measure is it secure, sir?

MAYORKAS: So, there is not a common definition of that.

WALLACE: What’s your definition?

Of course, Mayorkas refused to provide any meaningful definition, and Wallace eventually moved on without getting his answer.

It’s remarkable that for more than three years, the left-wing media have been so disinterested in correcting one of the most pernicious falsehoods ever pushed by a Presidential administration. If the media are interested in reclaiming their credibility, they might want to start there.