OF COURSE: CNN, MSNBC Won’t Touch the Nashville Shooter’s Tranifesto

November 7th, 2023 11:21 AM

CNN and MSNBC, having assessed that the transgender Nashville shooter’s manifesto contains too much anti-white racism to spin away, are refusing to give even a second of airtime to the leaked excerpts.

On Tuesday, Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake confirmed the authenticity of three pages of the Covenant School shooter’s manifesto, which were published by conservative media personality Steven Crowder the day prior.

In the leaked excerpts of her manifesto, disturbed transgender woman Audrey Hale referred to the Christian schoolchildren she intended to murder as “crackers,” ranted about their “white privilege,” and raged that they attended “private fancy schools with those fancy kwakis [sic].” You can imagine why this kind of material might pose a problem for the liberal media’s carefully-crafted race narratives.

As NewsBusters reported yesterday, broadcast networks ABC, CBS, and NBC refused to touch the story in their Monday evening shows. While their silence is inexcusable, it’s worth keeping in mind that these networks have approximately two and a half hours (including commercials) each day to report the news: their two-hour morning shows and the 30-minute evening newscasts.

Not so with cable networks like CNN and MSNBC. Their silence on this topic spans not 150 minutes, but 18 hours of weekday programming, making it all the more reprehensible.

Aside from financial networks like Fox Business and CNBC, all of the competing cable networks have done the job that CNN and MSNBC refused to do. Four separate shows on Fox News covered the leaked manifesto in Monday night, as did two on Tuesday morning. NewsNation covered the manifesto once on Monday night and once the following morning, while Newsmax picked the story up during the 9:00 a.m. Eastern hour on Tuesday.

Of course, the American news media aren’t the only institution where progressive operatives are trying to suppress the story. Social media giants like Facebook and Reddit have been outright purging the manifesto, while X (formerly Twitter) appears to have limited its reach.

A transgender woman who murdered three Christian schoolchildren and three teachers is a politically inconvenient story for the left generally, and the Democratic party and particular. Perhaps that’s why nobody’s surprised that CNN, MSNBC, and their ilk are attempting to prevent as many people as possible from learning about her professed motive.