FLASHBACK: Everything The Media Said We’d Find in Trump’s Tax Returns

January 5th, 2023 11:33 AM

For the last six years, Donald Trump’s tax returns were a blank canvas onto which Democrats and their corporate media enablers painted every imaginable conspiracy theory: foreign influence-buying, money laundering, insurance fraud, securities fraud, tax fraud, and then some.

Those tax returns finally came out over the weekend of January 1 — and, having failed to find a smoking gun, the media have already completely dropped the story. Monday was the last day anyone on liberal cable (CNN and MSNBC) or broadcast (ABC, CBS, and NBC) networks even mentioned those tax returns. Even then, the coverage was sparse; only one show on CNN and three on MSNBC featured any discussion of them.

Six years of wild speculation, for this?

The media may want to move on, but they can’t outrun their own reporting. Here’s a reminder of everything they told you we’d find in those tax returns:



Thus ends yet another corporate media conspiracy theory.