FLASHBACK: Decades Ago, the Media Actually Covered Biden’s Lies and Plagiarism

October 11th, 2022 11:12 AM

On Monday the New York Times published an article that was uncharacteristically critical of President Biden for lying frequently about his past.

The Times piece, titled Biden, Storyteller in Chief, Spins Yarns That Often Unravel, prefaced its criticism with the obligatory claim that “Mr. Biden’s fictions are nowhere near” as bad as former President Trump’s relationship with the truth. But predictable Trump-fueled whataboutism aside, authors Michael D. Shear and Linda Qiu were nonetheless thorough in their admonition of the President for habitually making things up.

Here's the key quote about Biden's history of “spinning embellished narratives.”

But they are emblematic of how the president, over nearly five decades in public life, has been unable to break himself of the habit of spinning embellished narratives, sometimes only loosely based on the facts, to weave together his political identity. And they provide political ammunition for Republicans eager to tar him as too feeble to run for re-election in two years.

As the MRC’s Rich Noyes and Scott Whitlock pointed out back in 2019, the President’s serial dishonesty has been a defining feature of his political career.

Below is a video detailing Joe Biden’s decades-long record of embellishing, lying, and outright plagiarism, as told by a media establishment who were much more wiling to call him on it than their contemporaries are today: