NewsBusters Explainer Video: Exposing the Media's Blatant Partisanship on Election Laws

June 16th, 2021 8:10 AM

While reckless partisanship has become the norm on TV news, it’s hard to imagine a more shameless example than their coverage of Democrats’ “For The People” Act (H.R. 1, or S. 1). For weeks, the news media have referred to this nearly-800 page federal takeover of state election laws as “protecting voting rights.”

The MRC’s new explainer video exposes the double standard in the news media’s coverage of election laws. Watch it below:



The media’s framing of election laws has been a months-long infomercial. First, they identified the problem: “racist” Republicans attempting to pass election security measures through state legislatures around the country — which they label “voter suppression.” Then, the solution: Democrats’ “For The People” Act, which would replace all state election laws with a set of (incredibly loose) Federal standards.

It’s no accident that the coverage of election laws has been so skewed in favor of Democrats; it’s the whole point. In order to provide a justification for the extreme and unprecedented measures contained in H.R. 1, they first had to make Republican-backed election security bills look like a nationwide problem in need of a solution.