They're Not Sending Their Best: Watch This Painfully Awkward NBC News Segment

November 25th, 2020 3:43 PM

NBC News Now must be having trouble booking quality guests with Thanksgiving around the corner, because it’s a bloodbath over there today. In an especially difficult-to-watch segment during the 2pm ET hour, host Joshua Johnson’s guests included a Politico writer so nervous she could barely complete a sentence, and a professor who was there to opine on an event he didn’t even know was taking place.

The trouble began when Johnson asked NBC News election law analyst and Duke professor Guy-Uriel Charles to offer his take on the election hearing being conducted by the Pennsylvania GOP. Unfortunately, Charles was the wrong person to ask about this topic, as he wasn't even aware the hearing was happening:

Well, my understanding is that that has probably has been canceled, but that was the last set of facts that I saw. So maybe it’s back on. But my understanding is that it has been canceled because I think Rudy [Giuliani] has been exposed or there are worries that he has been exposed to a second person who has the coronavirus.

Mercifully, Johnson interjected before Charles could get much further: “The hearing did indeed take place. It’s underway now. We’re monitoring the hearing for any news that may come out.”


Johnson then threw the spotlight over to Politico White House reporter Tina Nguyen, in what one can only hope was her first-ever appearance on television. A transcript doesn’t really do this part justice, so just take a look for yourself, and see if you don’t wind up subconsciously rooting for her to finish a thought in one piece:



Joshua Johnson might have some pretty wacky political ideas, but honestly, props to him for holding things together as well as he did. And thanks for the entertainment.