(VIDEO) Beyond Bias: Proof the Media Openly HATE Trump Voters

October 30th, 2020 1:32 PM

The media can’t be bothered to hide their utter hatred of conservatives, particularly the President’s supporters. In the eyes of our media elite, working-class Americans who refuse to swallow the prescribed liberal orthodoxy comprise a detestable “cult” of “white nationalists” and “rubes.” They’re “dangerous,” “angry,” “bigoted,” “xenophobic,” “gullible,” “and of course, “racist.”

On Thursday evening, CNN’s Don Lemon revealed that he’d felt compelled to “get rid of” his Trump-supporting friends, having assessed that they were “too far gone” to maintain contact with.

Lemon’s refusal even to interact with the other side is commonplace among liberal media elites. Over the past four years, they have made it crystal clear that, while perhaps they don’t wish death upon Trump’s supporters, they certainly wish they would all just go away.

Let them explain it themselves, in their own words:



The next time you hear a liberal pundit sanctimoniously boasting that he or she sides with love over “hate,” remember this video. And perhaps correct that pundit's grammar — because “hate” is a verb fragment, not a noun.