NBC: What is Its True Color?

On November 9, 1979 a group of radical Islamic “college students” overran the American embassy in Iran and took 52 embassy personal and marines prisoner.  For 444 long days, Americans were held hostage against all international law and the very act of entering the American embassy was an act of war.  These hostages were abused and threatened nearly every day of their captivity.     

Among those radical Islamic students was a young man named Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  This man has been identified by many of the ex-hostages as a ring-leader in the takeover.  He was also one of the crueler men. 

Now this man, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is the President of Iran.  There was nothing democratic about his election since the Islamic mullahs decided who would be allowed to run and who would win the election.  The new president is nothing more than a very willing puppet of the Islamic leaders of Iran. 

Of course, the American government, including President Bush, is not thrilled about this turn of events in the ever-threatening country of Iran.   

If one were to listen to an exchange between NBC’s Brian Wilson and Andrea Mitchell, it would seem that America’s problems with Iran started because George Bush was elected President of the United States.  If not for that gross error by the American people, our relationship with Iran would be just fine. 

Discussing the election of Ahmadinejad in Iran, the Iranian president-elect ceased being what he is, an Islamic terrorist, and became a “revolutionary” on the same par with Washington, Jefferson, and John Adams.   

Williams to Mitchell:  “What would it all matter if proven true? Someone brought up today [that] the first several U.S. presidents were certainly revolutionaries, and might have been called terrorists at the time by the British crown, after all." 

Mitchell to Williams:  "Indeed, Brian. And all of the student leaders at the time who now are in the power structure in Iran were revolutionaries. It was an enormously popular takeover, they all supported it. But it would have a political effect because it would help the administration in its very apparent efforts to undermine this new government and paint it as a radical government." 

Does President Bush really need to work very hard to “paint it as a radical government?”  This is the same Iran that could be months away from obtaining nuclear weapons that it has already declared it would use against Israel.  This is the same Iran that has funded, and continues to fund Islamic terrorists around the world.   This is the same Iran that imprisons and tortures to death political enemies of the Islamic state and stones young women to death for being raped.  This is the same Iran that has a website where young Islamics can sign up to be suicide bombers in America.   

Yet, NBC News sees this new Iranian government as hard-working, honest “revolutionaries” that are the equal of our American forefathers.  It is the evil Bush Empire and its horrible and unreasonable policy towards Islam that has turned peaceful Iran against us.   

NBC, like much of the liberal media these days, does not recognize terrorists for they are: killers.  “Terrorist” has been replaced with “revolutionary” and NBC has shown its true colors.  There is no longer any red, white, or blue in that peacock of theirs.  Does capitulation to the enemy have a color?  

NBC Nightly News

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