Gene Simmons: Sorry I Voted for ‘Unqualified’ Obama

On June 14, on FOX BUSINESS’ Varney & Co., KISS bassist Gene Simmons was special guest. He was there to renounce his own vote for Obama in 2008, to point out the dangers our nation faces from the current nanny-state mentality that’s overtaken us, and to point out where we’d headed if we don’t rein in spending and get business friendly once again.

As a citizen of Israel, he also had a strong opinion about Obama’s markedly anti-Israeli foreign policy.

The interview began with Varney pointing out that Obama had admitted he overshot on his predictions for job creation, to which Simmons responded: “[Obama] is a man that I voted into political office and…I want my vote back. …I don’t think the man is unqualified to know the structure [of business] and what business needs.”

Varney next pointed out that although Simmons owns and runs a number of businesses, he isn’t hiring at the moment. He looked at Simmons and asked why he wasn’t hiring, to which Simmons responded: “There are so many barriers. The Government means well, but it’s become our mommy and daddy.”

And from there Simmons simply unloaded: “We never gave our kids an allowance, because in real life when you train your children [that] at the end of the week [they’re] going to get an allowance… when [they] grow up…[they’re] used to getting entitlements,” and to asking, “where’s my money?”  

Simmons intimated that such kids eventually become conditioned to look to government with their hand out and say: “Mom and dad [used to] give me my money every week.”

Let me just say that by this point in the interview, Simmons was rolling so hard and fast that I thought Varney might cue up “Dr. Love” or “Shout it Out Loud” and flash the studio lights on and off for a KISS-like ambiance. Instead, Simmons just kept unloading on Obama:

“What we were hoping for was a man who would surround himself with business leaders, not professors from Berkeley. …Our president had two years of local experience, was born in Hawaii, and never ran a business in his life. …I am ashamed to say I didn’t look at the resume long enough. …Greece here we come.”

At the end of the interview, the subject of Israel came up, and particularly Obama’s call for Israel to return to its 1967 borders. Said Simmons: “It’s the height of lunacy.” He also pointed out that Obama can say these things because “he doesn’t live there,” so it doesn’t affect him.

I concur wholeheartedly, and would only add that Obama is able to say alot of what he says about America because “he doesn’t live there” either. Rather, he has lived a federally subsized life — both as a Senator and now as President — wherein  expenses are covered by tax payers and every luxury is afforded him.  The man has absolutely no idea what it’s like to try to make ends meet by spending a hot July afternoon working a field in Kansas or facing the cold of a winter night to break ice for cattle in West Texas or the agony a family of four faces as they try to figure out if they can afford the gasoline needed to take the family vacation they’ve taken every year till now. 

 Simmons put it best when he said of Obama: “The man is unqualified.”

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