'To Catch a Predator' Host Caught in Affair

June 29th, 2011 5:40 PM

Chris Hansen became famous by catching would-be sexual predators on his hidden camera show, 'To Catch a Predator.' Now, the tables have turned, as Hansen was caught on hidden camera having an affair with a woman 21 years younger than him.

According to a sting operation by the National Enquirer, the married, father of two Hansen has apparently been secretly dating Kristyn Caddell, a 30-year-old journalist from Florida, for the past four months.

The Daily Mail's Fiona Roberts explains how Hansen's affair was exposed:

Last weekend he was recorded taking Miss Caddell on a romantic dinner at the exclusive Ritz-Carlton hotel in Manalapan, before spending the night at her Palm Beach apartment.


Secret cameras filmed the couple as they arrived at the hotel for dinner and then drove back to her apartment - where the pair left, carrying luggage, at 8am the following day.

Hansen lives in Connecticut with his wife Mary, 53, but he has been spending more and more time in South Florida investigating the disappearance of James 'Jimmy T' Trindade - and allegedly sleeping with Miss Caddell.

A source told the newspaper the pair met in March, when they were both out with friends at the Blue Martini Lounge in Palm Beach.

While there is nothing illegal about Hansen's affair, his being caught by hidden cameras is quite ironic, considering he used the same hidden camera setup to catch unsuspecting predators on his television program during its four-year run.