Shapiro prodded his way into Hollywood and found many executives who willingly admitted to this bias. One of his interviews was with Hallmark Channel VP Barbara Fisher, who agreed with Shapiro's hypothetical that an actor wearing a McCain t-shirt would elicit a much different response than an actor wearing an Obama t-shirt (her statment comes at the 1:20 mark).

(videos via Hot Air)

Another TV honcho, producer George Schlatter, openly makes fun of Rush Limbaugh in this clip, proclaiming him as a crazed buffoon who leads the Republican party, a position never bestowed on Limbaugh by anyone besides Schlatter.

Shapiro points to a litany of thoroughly researched cases to support his argument, not limited to his examples of the hand-picked liberal cast hired by Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman, the anti-Vietnam agenda of Happy Days, and the openly liberal themes of Sesame Street.

Americans watch hours of Hollywood produced entertainment, mostly unaware of the outright political agenda of people making it. Shapiro's new book successfully charges Hollywood as a Democratic machine designed to impose liberal beliefs on its audience while completely dismissing any conservative viewpoints contrary to its agenda.