NAACP Official Fibs on Fox

July 16th, 2010 6:07 PM

A senior official of the NAACP appears to have further undermined the credibility of his organization when, in a Fox News debate with Project 21's Deneen Borelli Friday, he directly contradicted something he said on Fox News Tuesday.

The Media Research Center created a short video comparing the two clips that is available here.

The debates centered on the controversial, though still secret, NAACP resolution adopted this week at the NAACP annual convention, which alleges racism within Tea Party events.  A number of Tea Party officials and attendees have hotly disputed the charge, including a series of black Tea Party speakers, organizers and attendees whose statements have been published at

In a debate about the resolution July 13 on the Fox News Channel, Dallas Tea Party organizer Phil Dennis asked NAACP Senior Vice President for Advocacy Hilary Shelton if Shelton had been to a Tea Party event.

Shelton replied, "I have watched you on TV.  I’m afraid to go… I have not."

Earlier today, also live on Fox News, Deneen Borelli asked Shelton, "Have you been to a tea party?"

Shelton replied to Borelli, referring to a Tea Party rally held in March, "I was.  As a matter of fact… I was on Capitol Hill at that tea party rally…"

It seems impossible that Shelton could have been telling the truth both times, raising the question: If a senior official of the NAACP is confortable telling a fib on national television, whatever else might the organization be fibbing about?