Twitter Hypes Anti-Trump Canadian Food CEO, Ignores Firm Linked to 20 Deaths

January 13th, 2020 6:06 PM

Twitter chose to feature the rant of a food CEO blaming President Trump for Canadian deaths from a downed jetliner in Iran, while ignoring how that CEO’s own company was reportedly linked to the deaths of more than 20 of his fellow Canadians.

The Twitter Moments section highlighted Maple Leaf Foods CEO Michael McCain sharing “his personal opinions on the US government's action against Iran.”

Twitter Moments added that “McCain says he is ‘livid’ and in ‘mourning’ after a colleague's wife and son were killed in the crossfire.” He was referring to how a Ukraine International Airlines jet that was downed over Iran. The Iranian military “acknowledged early on Saturday that it had launched the missiles that brought down” the jetliner ”killing all 176 people on board.” Many of the passengers killed on the flight“were Canadians,” Twitter Moments noted.


This event transpired shortly after the U.S had killed Iran’s terror commander Qasem Soleimani.


McCain’s comments were especially ironic. Conservative commentator, Rebel News owner and fellow Canadian Ezra Levant blasted McCain, stating in a tweet: “You poisoned thousands of Canadians with listeria, killing 23 of us. And you delayed and delayed compensating your victims for three full years while you fought them in court.”

He finished his tweet by alleging that McCain compensated his victims with a mere “$697.34 each” and called the Maple Leaf Foods CEO a “wicked man.”

Levant linked to an article from a Canadian publication The Star, which summarized the company’s recent controversy. “More than three years after a deadly outbreak linked to tainted deli meats killed 23 Canadians, cheques from the settlement of a class-action lawsuit are finally in the mail,” noted The Star.