Dean Obeidallah: For Some, Trump Is a 'Swastika'; Velshi: Is America Filled with Hate?

August 8th, 2017 4:17 PM

SiriusXM talk show host and Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah appeared on Monday afternoon's MSNBC Live with host Ali Velshi to blame a recent mosque bombing on, you guessed it, President Donald J. Trump. Obeidallah frantically cried: "He demonized our community where what we're seeing today, the climate we live in is thanks to a man named Donald J. Trump, who is President of the United States...and it's a time of fear that's palpable..."

Contradicting their message, Velshi explained that this mosque had a good relationship with its community, before going on to more Trump bashing eventually lamenting the hateful place that is America.

VELSHI: But ultimately I spoke to the executive director of this mosque earlier today, and he was saying that the relations that they enjoy with the community are generally strong. 


VELSHI: You know Muslims have been in America for a long time. In some of these areas, they're slightly newer communities. Some of them are first generation. And he feels that the community is not hostile toward them. 

OBEIDALLAH: And that's a great thing and you saw, I saw immediately that within hours of the attack the leaders of different faith communities standing up and saying we're with you... For some the word Trump is becoming a modern day swastika...

That's right, Trump is a Nazi symbol. Instead of challenging that extreme sentiment, of course, Velshi simply continued piling on:

Are we just becoming a more hateful society in some ways or is hate just allowed to bubble in a way that we used to not allow? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don't know.

I think there he has confused America with "Palestine." But, we should all feel bad, for Obeidallah had warned us about Donald Trump:

I wrote a few days before the election saying if Trump wins I feel the bigots will be emboldened...

Oh, come on. You mean the same way many Americans felt that bigots would be emboldened by a Hillary or Obama victory? President Obama intentionally ignored many of the murders committed against police. He refused to call out Islamic terrorism even when it struck at home. Both encouraged bigoted social justice warriors, who at times commit violence. For God's sake, there are Huffington Post writers who actively promote violence against Republicans.

It would be perfectly legitimate to criticize the President for not being consistent if you were actually consistent yourself (the media isn't). This rhetoric is way over the top, plain and simple, not to mention hypocritical. Trump is not responsible for hate against any minority group and the country is appalled by any such attack.