WashPost: Trump's Reference to 'Paddy Waggon' Insults Irish Americans

August 1st, 2017 5:12 PM

There is no depth that The Washington Post will not sink to in order to ridicule President Trump. On Tuesday afternoon, this story was published: "President Trump’s reference to ‘paddy wagon’ insults Irish Americans like me"

In the article, James Mulvaney wrote, "I was also put off by Trump’s description of police rounding up gang members into a 'paddy wagon.' To many Irish Americans like myself, the phrase is insulting; it should not be used in polite discourse."

First off, that is no longer true. Nobody serious is actually offended by that word. Second.....Really? That's what you are going with. A "paddy wagon" is an old word that simply refers to police vehicles.

Merriam Webster's definition of the word: "An enclosed motortruck used by police to carry prisoners —called also Black Maria, patrol wagon." 

In fact, Irish pubs/restaurants owned by Irish often use the term. Heck, the Irish actually advertise "Paddywagon Tours" to tourists for goodness sakes. Joy Ann Reid was similarly offended by Trump's use of the term. The only people offended by it are apparently people who want to score political points against Trump. Who knew?