Disney Junior Show Promotes Episode Featuring Two-Mom ‘Family’

August 7th, 2017 10:52 AM

Recently, Disney’s Doc McStuffins program presented a “family” with two moms in an episode with backing from GLADD (surprise, surprise). The toy doll characters in the “doll family” included two “moms,” a young boy and a baby girl.

The situation was introduced when a character asked the young boy: “Where are your moms?” When the two mom characters approached with a baby, Doc McStuffins announced that “it’s the doll family.”

The show clearly highlighted the issue again when the boy was told, “You can have a ride if it’s ok with your moms.”

GLAAD published a piece about the episode, swooning how “out actors Wanda Sykes and Portia de Rossi” performed the voice- overs for the mom characters.

According to GLAAD, the episode played on the Disney Channel August 5 and was slated to run on Disney Junior August 6.

Disney Junior targets young children — according to disneyabcpress.com: “Disney Junior, part of Disney Channels Worldwide, is a global multiplatform brand expressly for kids age 2-7.”

GLAAD’s piece noted that Doc McStuffins “is created and executive produced by Chris Nee” and that Nee authored this episode. GLAAD quoted Nee: 

I always envision Doc McStuffins as a show about what it means to accept everyone as part of our communities. As part of a two-mom family, I’m proud to have an episode that reflects my son’s world, and shows everyone that love is love in McStuffinsville.

A webpage on GLAAD’s website with the URL glaad.org/DocMcstuffins urged people to: “Tell Disney: Thank you for supporting gay moms!”

The webpage then elaborated:

It is so important for us to show Disney -- and all the networks out there -- that we support and admire their work to teach all kids that LGBTQ people deserve to be accepted for who we are. Add your name right now to thank Disney for elevating    LGBTQ voices, and let’s make sure that the anti-LGBTQ bullies don’t win.