Salon Publishes Liberal Journalist Field Guide To Trump

June 20th, 2018 2:37 PM

Wednesday, Salon published a blog written by Robert Reich, Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, and former Secretary of Labor for President Clinton. Originally published on his own website, Reich’s blog served as a field guide for liberal journalists covering the Trump Administration.

Reich provided fantastic advice for members of the liberal press who see themselves as leading the resistance against Trump, such as, “Don’t let his churlish thin-skinned vindictive narcissistic rants divert attention from what he’s really doing.” He also told reporters to, “Maintain your dignity, confidence, and courage.” Of course, reporters are well known for keeping their composure.

The blog was broken up into eight pieces of advice, each just as wild as the last. One pro-tip for reporters:

“5. Focus on what he’s really doing, and put the day’s stories into this larger context. He’s (1) undermining democratic institutions, (2) using his office for personal gain, (3) sowing division and hate, (4) cozying up to dictators while antagonizing our democratic allies around the world, (5) violating the rule of law, and (6) enriching America’s wealthy while harming the middle class and the poor. He may also be (7) colluding with Putin.”

Not only was Reich pushing left-wing conspiracies, he encouraged a false narrative, making several accusations with no proof or facts to back them up. But the one that really took the cake was rule number seven:

“7. Don’t try to “balance” your coverage of the truth with quotes and arguments from Trump’s enablers and followers. This is not a contest between right and left, Republicans and Democrats. This is between democracy and demagogic authoritarianism.”

There you have it, a liberal professor and former cabinet member advocating for full media bias. What could go wrong?