Race-Obsessed, Facts-Free MSNBC Forgets Two Other Women Have Already Run for VP

August 3rd, 2020 3:40 PM

Joe Biden’s search for a VP candidate has heated up and the mainstream media’s cheering for Senator Kamala Harris has followed suit. They don’t even attempt to hide their love for Kamala anymore, as they change their narrative to make her the only logical pick.  On Monday’s episode of Morning Joe, this narrative was in full affect as guest Erinn Haines said that criticisms of Harris were racist: 

Unfortunately, I see these racist and gendered tropes continuing to resurface as we are seeing black women rise to the top of this conversation. Listen, what is politics about if not ambition? Right. So I don't understand why something like ambition is a bad word when we're discussing what is probably the most consequential election many of us will ever cover. There's never been a woman vice president, never been a black woman nominated for vice president within a major party. So with this ticket they have the potential to not only make history but also to defeat Donald Trump which were the two things that so many democratic voters told me they were looking forward to heading into November. 

There’s never been a woman VP? While that may be technically true, this will be the third female vice presidential candidate. Did Haines forget about Sarah Palin in 2008, or the Walter Mondale-Geraldine Ferraro ticket in 1984? Also, casting aside criticisms of a candidate as racist and sexist is a good way to admit that you don’t have any other argument to make in her favor. The criticisms of Harris focus mostly on the fact that she called Biden a racist during her presidential bid, which might make people suspicious that she is cozying up to him now. 



But no matter, MSNBC was not done fawning over her yet, co-host Joe Scarborough had to have his turn: 

Mike Barnicle, again we talk about Kamala Harris, Joe Biden wants a personal rapport with her. Mika and I know Kamala pretty well, and she's very personable, very likable. But again, I just I just want to say, and I'm a member of Congress, members of -- I was a member of the House. Members of the House just aren't vetted like Senators for the most part. They aren't vetted like vice presidential candidates. Kamala Harris, and again I'm not pitching Kamala Harris at all. I'm saying, you don't want surprises. It's hard to remember but a lot of people were excited by the unknown factor of a certain governor from the state of Alaska.

I don’t know about you Joe, but that certainly sounds like a pitch to me. You’re drooling over Kamala Harris while offering no criticisms of her record, her public career, anything. It sure seems like MSNBC has its pick for VP.

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